What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is an assessment way for students which they can use to recognize their experience, knowledge and skills gained through work experience. This learning is judged against the suggestion need of one or more units of aptitude.

RPL is the process of providing students credit for skills, experience and knowledge which they have gained through working and learning. The learning of RPL can be gained any time at any stage of their lives, through informal and formal learning in the Australia by doing work or by volunteering.

The main reason behind the course is that there are some highly skilled Australians out of thousands, who have spent many years on the job and have, received a substantial amount of informal learning experience. Then they look for formal education, appreciation of their knowledge and skills and their RPL Qualification come into existence. By keeping this in mind, it is very important to understand that our quality process and work have allowed us for properly updating the process in order to give guarantee to the candidates that have the necessary amount of confidence and that they obtain the qualification in the most convenient and easiest way.

RPL qualification is course of flow which contains a few different steps. At the very first, you have to decide whether you are eligible by conducting a real Fee Structure Review. After this process, provided that participants are eligible, then participants are going to have a series of documents which are going to start the whole thing. When you are through, you will be needed to present some documents as evidence and have to wait for it to get reviewed. Sk Education’s work starts form here and get through the process so participants don’t have to worry about it. If whole process goes in a right way, participants will get the approval and get qualified.

Once this process is done, participants will get the Nationally Recognized Qualification from our RTO associates and then you will be good to go towards your dream.