What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process of giving students glory of knowledge, skills and experience gained through working and knowledge. The training can be gained at any stage of life, through informal and formal education in other countries or Australia by work or other activities.

The real reason behind the origin of this learning is that many people in their many years of professional job they have learnt informal learning so for their more growth now many professionals, businessman, traders and so on are looking for getting the formal education, there is the point where RPL come into the picture.

By getting formal skills and knowledge participants then do better in their career and achieve easily. Sk Education knows the value of good career for each individual in this phase of the generation where competition is so high. So keeping this in mind, it is very important for us to provide with a good level of knowledge and skills to the learners so that they can do much better than before.

Our professional, young and energetic counselors guide students throughout the course and also guaranteed candidate of having the necessary amount of confidence in them.

Skill check

Talk to our one of the consultants to whether you are eligible for RPL or for any other educational course that will help you to gain skills that are beneficial for your career growth. The consultants will analyze your requirements and will suggest you accordingly.

Evidence Submission

Matches your current knowledge and experience with the units of an accredited qualification. Our simple procedures will help you in submitting the evidence.

The Issuing Qualification

Candidate can enjoy by having nationally recognized qualification issued by one of our professional RTOs partners.
  • The process is quick, easy and cost- effective.
  • Improve career options and job opportunity.
  • Quick professional development.
  • Improve visa and immigration process.
  • There will be no repeated learning if the candidates have that skill in him our trainers will not repeat them.