Accounting (SMIPA)

Accounting (SMIPA) was developed by CPA Australia, ICA (Institute of Chartered Accounts) and IPA (Institute of Public Accountants and SMIPA (Skilled Migration internship Program Accounting) is a professional year program for students willing to graduate in accounting. The program is designed for helping international accounting graduates to build skills in them to shine in their career.

The program have training and an accounting intership place planned to advance the career prospects of international accounting.

Duration of the program is 44 weeks, which includes 12 weeks of practical knowledge in internship.

SMIPA is for international students who have an Australian Bachelor or Master Degree in Accounting of minimum two years within the Australia. It provides a way from university classes to professional employment in Australia, after developing the practical  skills along with professional skills which are required for accountancy industry.

Professional Year program in accounting also provides its students three supportive modules
  • 1. Free job search support for the first professional job
  • 2. Daily tutorial classes to work on any academic area.
  • 3. Free IELTS test strategies.