Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Overseas Students Health Cover is compulsory for the international visitors for getting the Australia whether the visit is an educational or a short trip with family. The health insurance is designed to help students in Australia when they fell ill or have any accident. The insurance covers the cost of hospital and medical treatments if the student needs it.

OSHC is a health insurance policy which every international student have to purchase before their study tour to their Australia. The policy is never fully understood by the people and hence overlooked, in fact, it just cost significant an amount of money. The person who wants to apply for health insurance he/she can compare between registered companies and can choose the most relevant one to save your money. To help people through this we have created a guiding service for this.

All the international students need OSHC except Belgian, Norwegian and Swedish national. The dependents (spouses or children under 18 years) are also required to have OSHC coverage for avoiding any unfortunate event in Australia. Mostly, international students have a student visa and their dependents (if so) cannot buy another health insurance they have to include their health insurance in the application of the main applicant.

International students need to have insurance coverage for their entire duration of their visa. In case, if student renews his student visa and extend the date, then they have to extend their OSHC date to cover their duration of the new visa period.

When students apply for their student visa for getting an education in Australia, the educational institutions will normally have a preferred OSHC insurance provider. Though, it is essential to know that you can the charges of various service providers.