Health Insurance for 457

It is the part of insurance coverage that when applying for a 475 visa, an individual must arrange obedient health insurance that contains the coverage of the main applicant and any dependent if she/he has any during their visit to Australia. Health insurance must encounter the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requests for the 457 visa. SK EDUCATION Australian Heath Plans focus in working visitors health coverage, and all plans meet DIAC needs for the 457 visa.

When anyone apply for the 457 visa, proof or evidence is needed in the form of a letter or certificate asserting that the applicant and dependents have taken out an acceptable health coverage policy. If family members are applying separately from the main applicant, then they have to provide proof ha they covered by a health coverage policy.

SK EDUCATION provides a letter of joining along with 457 visa application.

Maintenance of 457bvisa health insurance is mandatory during the visit in Australia whether the person is studying or working there. There are some omissions for 457 visa holders who may be qualified for Reciprocal Medicare. Reciprocal Medicare covers medically essential therapy only and can only be applied for once in Australia. It is highly suggested that people should continue to maintain their 457 health insurance, visa to help cover any additional medical expensive cost.

  • Private and public hospital fees
  • Emergency ambulance transportation fees.
  • Medical returns
  • In-patient doctor fees.