English Language

Want to make your successful career in Engling language in Australian universities? Skeducation promises students to fulfill their each dream by their experienced counselor guiding sessions. Skeducation creates a personalized pathway to a promising career in the language and Permanent Residency in Australia.

Being the educational industry and consulting agency, they have tie-ups with all most big institute and universities in Australia. If anyone chooses to enroll via Skeucation students will get guaranteed scholarships, personalized help in PY pathways, and in other great offers.

Counselors of Skeducatin have helped many students from different countries to make them know that what is best for their career growth and future.

Australian universities and institute offer many courses in English language for proficiency in the program, below are the course offered

Certificate I in EAL (Access)

The course introduced for the students who have limited English and willing to improve their communication skills, both in writing and verbally at the elementary level. Doing this course from Melbourne with Melbourne people it will help you to get around the area and other different part of Australia very easily.

The duration of course is 20 weeks with intership in reputed firms.

Certificate II in EAL (Access)

The course is designed for the students who already developed English and are seeking for more improvement in their written and communication skills. The course is taught at pre-intermediate level. The course helps those how are eager to participate in local Melbourne community events also beneficial for those who wants to explore Melbourne and Australia.

Certificate III in EAL (Further Study)

This course reflects the abilities and skills of overseas students who are looking for further studies in English language and want to do proficiency in it. The course is for the students who have already done the proficiency in basic English and are seeking to improve their knowledge of academic English, this compromise presentation, easy writing, research and class discussions at an intermediate to upper-intermediate level.

Students who complete this course are expected to gain an English ability equivalent to IELS 5.5. The duration of the course is 20 weeks.

Certificate IV in EAL (Further Study)

The course is meant for the students who already have proficiency in English. This course is for students who are eager to learn and develop a more sophisticated English ability at an upper intermediate to advance level.

In this course, students will learn to read complex academic journals, conduct interviews, prepare researched reports, plan and participate in debates and a regular schedule of doing and preparing presentations. Student who complete this course are consider to be getting proficiency in English language which required to bush by the career.



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