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Australia is well known country in the world. It is one of the most and highly developed one and it is six largest countries in the world. Brilliant country with mesmerizing beaches, plenty of wildlife, natural wonders and cosmopolitan conurbations, the country have some unique experience that is hard to find in any other place.

Australia is the friendly country, it welcome everyone from any continent. It provides accommodation for all, despite having large population, which comes here from more than 200 countries. Gathering events barbeque and sport events among people attracts large pollution to participate in all outdoor activities in Australia. It maintains the balance of communication among people from different countries.

Australia is also famous for its facility of proving high quality medication and health care to people. Whether it is public or private both the hospitals are equipped with latest technology and topmost services. This reflects by the overall health survey of Australian population.

For international students, Australia has been always the most popular and demanding study destination. It has many top universities, among 100 universities in the world, and in which students get the option to choose from 22000 courses across 1100 institutions. Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane are among the cities in Australia, which are counted as 30 best cities in the world.

Every year Government invests near $200,000,000 on in international scholarships. And also the Australian Government makes sure that all the universities maintain the high standard.

Australian universities not only provide excellent education system, but it also avails to the great opportunity for making good networks around the world. Since, from many years universities also cherished to the needs of the students by focusing more on practical knowledge and by considering different topics.

Australian education system is divided into three broad areas-

Primary School

It runs for seven or eight years, starting from Kindergarten.

Secondary School

It starts from the years 7 to 10 or 8 to 10 and runs for three or four year

Senior Secondary

It starts from the years 11 and 12 and runs for two years.

Territory Education

It includes both higher education and Vocational education and training (VET).

Vocation Education

Australian universities are well known internationally for providing the best practice in educational area and vocational training. Students are judged by their skills and the focus is given to the development of skills related to the field of student’s skilled specialization.

Foundation Studies

Students who wish for being the part of Australian universities, foundation studies are the best option for those. These programs are designed especially for the international students, which allow them to study a pre-university year and the program last for one year.

It was came to know by the Australian Government in 1995, the process of Australian Framework helps government to know that the titles across the country in all the study centers should maintain the same high level of education.

It contains all the rules of Australian qualification for each level of education it represents. It is very much beneficial for international students because by this, they can find the best course and institution for their studies and according to their needs without wasting their time in understanding the titles.



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